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Hi there! I'm Vaishu.

I'm a User Experience Designer passionate about crafting meaningful experiences and seamless interactions.

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Battago App

Battago is a B2B e-commerce app & web platform for used lithium-ion batteries. I designed Battago while working as a UX/UI Designer for Titan Advanced Energy Solutions.

UX/UI Design, User Research, Design Research

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NCR Concierge

Concierge is an app platform that facilitates a streamlined information-informed dining experience for merchants and businesses.

UX/UI Design, Market Research, User Research, Design Research

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Rent-a-Sari Website

Rent-a-Sari is a platform for Indian Americans to buy and rent used ethnic wear from other Indian Americans.

UX/UI Design, User Research

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Porsche Cycling Environment Design

Porsche Cycling is a sub-brand created from Porsche, focusing on redefining the cycling experience.

Experience Design, Branding

Project Anchor
It's lovely to meet you!

I'm Vaishnavi, but most people call me Vaishu (rhymes with my-shoe!). I'm a people-focused UX Designer and Researcher. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2021 with a degree in Industrial Design and a minor in Technology & Management. I have held roles in UX/UI Design, UX Research, and Learning Experience Design.

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